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VPS Virtual Dedicated Host

What is Virtual Dedicated Hosting?

Virtual Dedicated Hosting Host a bit like the advanced version, the same is cut into a host several "virtual host", but each part are all independent and isolated from each other, has its own CPU, memory, hard disk space principle, if you have used a virtual machine on your computer, such as VMWare, VirtualBox, etc., you can roughly know the VPS is actually very similar to them.

Users can obtain the highest authority in the Virtual Dedicated hosting, will also be able to install their own operating system required in VPS.

VPS or dedicated hosting?

If you have not used their own independent host, or a host of inexperienced management, to use a stand-alone host Elevated may be somewhat difficult, and ranged between VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting, can easily be installed using the console OS, Elevated or manage (independent host's console must be self-installed), in the use will be relatively easy, simple, and the price is not independent of the host requires huge expenses.

VPS into the whole management and non-management

Generally, VPS Unlike virtual hosting, has to provide a complete hardware and software management, most likely no management (Unmanaged VPS) sales, which is in addition to hardware problems occur, the rest of the operating system, software and other components occur When problems are user must be resolved, however, the whole management (Fully Managed VPS) package hills sea is not full will help you deal with some VPS industry in accordance with the level of support will continue to charge a fee to support, fully managed and without The main difference lies in whether the administration to provide online technical support services.

If the VPS service is not so familiar, I would recommend choosing VPS industry including management of (Managed VPS), will be able to seek support when they encounter problems.